We at Phoenix, as a car modification sector company based in India. We work in every segment of cars, like hatchback’s, sedan’s, SUV’s and compact cars. We basically works on focusing of modifications for brands such as Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Honda, Skoda, Mitsubishi Toyota, Mahindra, TATA, Chevrolet, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan and luxury brands like Audi, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes. We also works to repair work to give you the exact car which you expected in terms of finishing. We facilitates to modifies your new as well as old vehicle...


Phoenix are renowned for their expertise and professionalism in automobile customization in the company. We also provides carbon fibre style design and construction of interior and exterior. They are notable for outlandish body modifications, light weight alloy wheels and bespoke interior modifications.


We at Phoenix , as a event organizer and event management company we accomplish the task like movie promotions, product launch, endorsement, advertising Promotions, Public Relations, Society & Club Parties, Brand & Product Promotion, Birthday Party, Anniversary Parties, Wedding, Concerts, Theme Parties, Outdoor Event, Cultural Events, Education Conference, Corporate Events, Community Relations, Networking Product Launching, Sales Meeting, Laser Shows etc. We also organize events in different locations like shopping malls, complexes, stores. The Phoenix also handles and manages the arrangements of inaugurations...

Phoenix are renowned for their expertise and professionalism in event planning in the company. The arrangement will managed to work upto the mark. We manage the events belongs to all the class events like corporate events, family functions, government organized events etc and work to fill your dreams in your life..


As a Business Developer we manage all the process of starting new business and also helps to run your already existed business in improved and successful manner. We at Phoenix offer you the franchise of more than 500+ brands in many sectors. We help you to identify the opportunity for referral, partnership schemes, associations, sales development, collaborations, joint venture. Our company helps you to analyze your company’s strength, weakness, goals, focus, market share, culture etc to work your company works in the actual formation...

We at Phoenix perform marketing tools to promote your company and also help to make it recognizable and also help you to make your individual brand image. We works to create a business that can grow your network in term of customers, marketing for making profits...


Automobile Online Portal

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Political Campaign Management

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Automobile Customization


Business Development


The PHOENIX GROUP is a multi-service provider company in India, the company grows in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), and soon it is expected to expand this company in other states. Phoenix offers high quality service in business development, events planning and automobile customization to small businesses and individuals.

Phoenix Group aims to provide the high quality service, unique idea’s at affordable prices. As a client, you will get a personal service rather than just become another job in a queue. It is our business to deliver you a great experience to work with us.

Phoenix are renowned for their expertise and professionalism in each sector of the company. Phoenix group will work closely with you to create a unique and creative idea’s in event planning and auto customization according to your needs and expectations.

As a business developer we will help you to start your business at a small scale & large scale and also helps to run your business according to your expectations. Our company supports you to find a good opportunity for the businesses and options for making profits.

PHOENIX GROUP can gives you the platform for broad things to work in a valued space and needed desire.



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